Why Lawns Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Tips on Maintaining Your Lawn

Lawn can be defined as an area which is covered with short grass which is usually planted for the purpose of recreation and this grass is maintained short by using a lawnmower and it involve planting durable grass such as clover. Lawns can be used around commercial buildings, apartments, offices and houses since they have the characteristic of having grass species which is composed in them.

Feed livestock such as silage and fodder are made from lawns since lawn are used as ingredients to fed the livestock. Lush green lawn is one of the indicator that helps the gardener to know that a garden is complete and therefore there are several tips which are used in order to achieve green lawn which has a soft velvety touch. It requires a lot of care and maintenance in order to ensure that lawns give the most favorite site where children can leap and lie down and the following tips are used in order to maintain and care for your lawn.

It is good to plant grass which is well known and can adapt to your climate rather than going for fancy stuff which will not maintain your lawn for long. Examine the area in a perfect way in order to find out the favorable conditions of that area and the type of soil which will match with type of lawn you want to plant.

The next tips are determining the soil PH of your area for lawns requires a PH level of around 6 to 7.2. If you notice that your soil does not match with PH level required one is usually recommended to amend that type of soil in order to match with the required level and this will help you to determine the type of lawn grass you will plant. Also, it is good to apply less water and fertilizer for grass which is found in shady part requires little fertilizer and water.

Make sure that there is no weed at all in your lawn so as to facilitate healthy growth and this tip will ensure that your lawn is well maintained and it last for a longer period of time. In order to ensure that your lawn have a sheer look it is good to trim the edges of your lawn so as to restrict the grasses from bounding out of the lawn.

Unlike applying fertilizer which contains a lot of chemicals it is good to apply manure which only contain nitrogen and will help to maintain your lawn for long. The best manure for lawn is cow manure since it aims at improving the ecosystem and adding micronutrients in the soil thus facilitating the growth of the lawn grass.

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